Formulated to increase stamina, endurance & mental focus


Replace your daily coffee with a freshly brewed cup of this herbal blend!


Gaba is a core ingredient that is scientifically proven to increase mental focus & activity. It boosts your energy & endurance levels in the body, and leaves you feeling and looking younger with natural anti-aging properties.


Also infused with yerba mate, a potent herb with 24 essential vitamins and minerals and 15 amino acids, keeping you alert while suppressing appetite.


With added ginseng and liquorice to increase stamina. When combined, the two increase resistance to the effects of physical, mental and emotional stress.


A great way to kick start your day or a healthy afternoon pick-me-up.

Energy Tea

  • GABA tea, ceylon tea, yerba mate, liquorice root, siberian ginseng, ginger root.