Welcome to my 1st blog!

Updated: Jun 26

Hi guys, I’m Eliza, the director of BCS (The Body Contouring Studio) and I thought I would indulge in a mini blog every once in a while to further connect with my clientele. So a question I have been asked a lot is how BCS come about in 2016, especially in a time when these machines were not around in Melbourne. Well, I have never been a lover of the gym, although I wish I was. I had just travelled to Beverly Hills and been introduced to this amazing technology by a high end medical clinic and was absolutely obsessed from the first treatment! I knew I had to bring awareness to everyone I could as I know I’m not the only person that would love to avoid the gym at all costs. So with that came my baby, The Body Contouring Studio! Although the machines were expensive, I had total faith that it would work out as I am genuinely passionate about the technology and passionate in my cause for trying to get women to avoid risky surgeries by using this medical grade technology that actually works!

As my business flourished, so did my passion and so did the technology being introduced to the world. I make it my mission to ensure I am on top of this for myself and for my clients.

Although my machines promote exterior confidence, my brand as a whole promotes holistic health!

This is why as I branch out into a new era with the opening of my lifestyle hub in Ivanhoe, you will see me feature the many products and approaches I take to keeping a healthy mind, gut and body; which in turn only excels treatment results and benefits you in most aspects of your life!

I am grateful for all the support and entrusting me to be a part of your body and wellness transformations!

Till next time… xx

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